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In-Demand Skilled Trades

There is heightened public discussion about the growing demand for skilled tradespeople in Ontario, as well as gaps between the workers employers are looking for and the availability of tradespeople to fill them. Several reports have identified challenges that employers in Ontario and Canada are facing in filling positions in the skilled trades.

The project aims to provide insights on the local labour market conditions for the skilled trades through engagement with local employers at a level of granularity unavailable in most data sets and reports. The evidence collected from the project will help inform how government, industry and local communities can work together to increase the talent pipeline to help business growth and support industry competitiveness in the province, particularly in key sectors such as automotive manufacturing and construction.

For more information about this project and how to participate, contact Tara Macaulay

Download the In-Demand Skilled Trades – A Local Perspective Report below.
French (Undergoing Translation – will be posted as soon as completed)