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Manufacturing Day for Teachers

The local Manufacturing Industry is very robust and accounts for an average of 13% of the total labour force. The opportunities within this industry are growing at a rapid pace with both entry level and experienced positions going unfilled.

Evidence has shown that Manufacturing is still viewed negatively as an industry of choice for career development. Because of this, local youth going directly from high school to the work world seldom understand the job opportunities this industry can provide. Additionally, youth preparing for post secondary education are not fully informed about the skilled occupations and trades that are available within the industry as well. Teachers such as Guidance, Shop, Tech and Specialist High Skills Major need to have the most up to date information available to them in order to help inform students.

Planning is underway for an informative event in November 2019 that will consist of two tours, a keynote speaker and an expert panel. Up to 40 teachers will attend this event and be educated on the needs of the industry both now and in the future.